The Importance of Providing Your Kids Incentives to Achieve Better Grades

Reasons to offer incentives for good grades and where to go to find them. Report Card Grade Rewards: Krispy Kreme Sweetens The Deal. Report Card Grade Rewards: Krispy Kreme Sweetens The Deal

The report card: The document that states how well a child has performed academically. It is dreaded by some and looked on with excited anticipation for others. So, the decision to offer incentives for good grades could become a complicated one. We don’t want to bribe our children, but we do want to offer sweet incentives for learning. As a homeschooling parent, the state in which I live leaves the decision as to whether or not a report card is issued up to the individual homeschool. I chose to issue a report card. I could argue a deep philosophical reasoning behind this decision. But, the real heart of the issue is this: For every “A” your child receives, Krispy Kreme Donuts gives you a free donut (up to 6 per child). Shake your head and point a finger at me if you must, but who can argue a tastier reason to issue a grade?

I understand that there are other businesses who offer rewards for good grades. Limited Too gives $5.00 off a purchase. Chuck E. Cheese offers free tokens. Blockbuster offers free movie rentals. And, that’s just to name a few. All of those are worth the visit. But, for us, the donut makes the path to achieving good grades most appealing.

I don’t know what makes the donut so hard for us to resist. Maybe it’s all those Donut Man videos we watched with the children in an attempt to teach them Christian values. But, soon it will be Krispy Kreme reward day for my children. This is the day when I simply fill up the vehicle with my children and report cards in hand. We drive to Krispy Kreme where we are greeted by a helpful, smiling clerk behind the counter. The clerk then takes the report card from my children’s hands, stamps each “A”, returns the report cards & disappears behind the counter. While we wait, whiffs of sweet aromas penetrate our every breath. As we watch the donut machinery make more beautiful circles, we are reminded that it is hard work and diligent studying that brought us to this delectable place. We then proceed to enjoy every morsel of our much-earned reward and vow to achieve the donut goal again next semester.

While there are those who would call this a bribe, I prefer to think of it as a goal to achieve a more meaningful accomplishment – learning. And, I’m sure there are right and wrong ways to offer these incentives. If you choose to go down the road of rewards for good report card grades, you too can watch your children’s attitudes sweeten as they reach for the highest grade attainable and gain much knowledge in the process.


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